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Does your name contain a hidden meaning that holds the key to understanding your destiny? According to numerology, it does. Adding up the letters in your name can give you many insights into your personality, goals, and desires. There are many ways to interpret the numbers your name creates and different ways to calculate the number. We are going to discuss the Soul Urge number, and specifically, Soul Urge number 7.



The Soul Urge number in numerology symbolizes your heart’s desire and your deepest longings. This is what truly drives you in life, and what you hold most dear. It is the underlying reason why you do the things you do and makes up the basis of your personality. The Soul Urge, or Heart’s Desire, Number is one of the five core numbers. The others are your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Day Number, and Personality Number.

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To calculate your Soul Urge Number, use only the vowels in your name at birth. That means your official name on your birth certificate, even if that isn’t your current name. Write down all the vowels in your full name and convert them to their corresponding number, the letter A being 1 and so on. Add all these numbers up. If you get a two-digit number, add those two digits for a single number. The total is your Soul Urge number that will reveal the inner workings of your heart.


Those who have a number 7 as a soul urge number prefer to create a cocoon for themselves from the outside world. Inside that cocoon, their minds are working hard, analyzing and criticizing the world at large. They enjoy being alone reading or contemplating life and how it works. Soul Urge number 7’s aren’t the driven type, they are laid back and can be very withdrawn around those they don’t know. In fact, a negative side of Soul Urge is to be too introverted, isolated, and restless. Emotions can be repressed and therefore they are often misunderstood.

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On the positive side, a number 7 is a gifted artist and thinker who longs for knowledge. They are also noble, sentimental, and romantic. They have a unique outlook and can be dreamers. Soul Urge Number 7’s most inner desire is to retreat into their own world, away from the frightening bustle of life. They need time to dream and create their own philosophies and understand things on a deeper level than the rest of the world.

Because of their analytical and cynical nature, Soul Urge number 7’s are an “I’ll believe it when I see it” type of person. They need tangible, concrete evidence before they will believe something, which makes it hard for them to fully trust others. The challenge of 7’s is to figure out how to come out of their shell to have meaningful relationships with people, even if it is only one or two people. Sevens are loyal and true companions once a connection is made.

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