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Three is a powerful number, and so are those with soul urge number 3. If your soul urge number is 3, you are ambitious. You crave greatness and have the strength of will to achieve it. Your creativity, enthusiasm, optimism, sociability, and cheerful attitude propel you towards your goals, however lofty. Chances are you spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Nothing makes you happier than accomplishing something that your descendants are guaranteed to remember.



Your good nature is infectious. You are at the center of every exciting conversation. Your friends refer to you as “the life of the party” even though you don’t always mean to draw attention to yourself. People tend to find you inspiring and entertaining. Your ability to express yourself and your candid humor draws people in. You have a way of describing people, ideas, and experiences that paint a vivid picture for your listeners.

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You are a performer at heart and extroverted in nature. You are not afraid to speak your mind. This can result in a fair number of opponents. Luckily your gregarious nature lets your detractors’ words slide right off you. Secretly you enjoy the drama of confrontation.

Sometimes you have a tendency to overdo it? You can’t always stop yourself when you are nervous or particularly proud of an accomplishment. Too many words will get you in trouble. Be wary of running at the mouth in these circumstances. It will not endear you to others.

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Your ambition and creativity mean that you are not satisfied with staying on the lower rungs. Low-skilled work and subordinate status leave a sour taste in your mouth. You feel you are destined for greater things, and you are right. Limiting yourself as a 3 is dangerous. You do best when involved in large projects, or better yet, work for yourself.

What career paths are 3’s best suited for? Your good nature and communication skills make you an exceptional orator. Public speaking, acting, writing, and teaching are excellent outlets for your skills. Self-employment is appealing to you as a 3. Be alert to the risks of letting your creativity get out of hand. Without a proper outlet, you lose focus. Choose a career that channels your creativity productively. You become disorganized and overrun with ideas without a proper focus.


You can’t help attracting romantic attention. Other people just want to be near you, which can be hard for your partner to accept. Your partner does not need to worry. People with soul urge number 3 tend to be extremely loyal.

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Your effusive enthusiasm and tendency to rattle on are cause for concern. Make an effort to limit your words in stressful situations. Embrace career paths that make use of your creativity. Failure to do so makes you disorganized and unfulfilled. Keep your ambition in check. Ambition is a powerful force but can also distract you from some of life’s more important qualities. Truth is important to you. Don’t fall prey to the belief that truth is all important. The truth is not always helpful, especially when dealing with the feelings of others. The same is true of pride. Take pride in your accomplishments. Avoid pride of character.

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