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“Numbers are like a spiritual torch to enlighten the path you are walking on.”

Are you coming across the spiritual number 1212 more often such as while checking the time on your mobile phone or the waiting time for your order is 12:12, and now when you start noticing it occurrences, it makes you more curious to find its meaning.

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1212 Meaning:

1212 angel number love

1212 is a message from spirits and angels signifying your spiritual growth as an infinite being. Witnessing 12:12 is special in its own way as it carries the vibration meaning of both numbers 1 and 2 on a higher level, as both numbers 1 and 2 appear twice.

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Number 1 signifies that your thoughts create and manifest, so keep them positive.

Number 2 tells you that everything is going well and angels have your back, which is helping you to stay positive and thus attract a positive outcome.

And when we look for the meaning of angel number 12:12 as a whole, it is a message from the guides that they are supporting you in your life in manifesting your goals, dreams and life purpose. It is not just a message to stay positive about the future possibilities, but to stay optimistically focused on your highest possible future.

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The Significance of Number 12:

Angel number 12 indicates a message from the angels and spirits to stay positive about the future possibilities which are knocking your door. Angels want you to trust that a positive outcome is surely on your way and the trust and positivity are indicators of future outcomes.

Meaning of Number 12 in the Bible:

There is always a reason for anything and everything that occurs, and the Bible believes in this strongly that when it comes to god, there can not be just accidents and this is true.

There is also a reason, why you are curious about the number 12:12.

You are a person whose spirit needs more freedom to make your life successful. You are one of those unselfish and cordial human beings.

Saying a clear No is one of the most difficult things in life, especially at the right time and when circumstances require.

Since you can think independently enough, follow your thoughts and desires more and refrain yourself from falling under the influence of devil’s temptations surrounding you.

In the Bible, one can find so many verses or stories that speak of the temptation that try to hinder us from our true path. In Luke 4:12-13 it says: ”Do not put your God to the test. When Satan had finished all these temptations, he left him until an opportune time.”(One can notice number 12 as a clear sign)

Everyone has a strong intuition, so do not hesitate when life requires you to work very hard and suffer, it is somewhere linked to a greater cause, be sure of it and move ahead.

Angel Number 1212 Meaning Numerology:

According to numerology, 12:12 provides you the much-needed energy to transform your key relationships. So, stumbling across 12:12 more often is a message for you that you are all set to improve the significant connections in your life. Seeing 1212 indicates you to step out of your comfort zone and go for the goals you desire.

12:12 Meaning Doreen Virtue:

Doreen Virtue is a noted expert on Angels, she provides additional insight on angel number 1212 in her book “Angel Number 101”. If you are interested in deeper insight and personal meaning of seeing 12:12 often, then that can be gained through the use of tarot, meditation or through reading with a trusted psychic medium. Our guardian angels communicate with us through the use of numerology and are always looking at us and witnessing 12:12 indicates that an area of your life might be coming to completion and a new adventure awaits for you.

If you are here searching for the meaning of 12:12 because you are coming across it more often, then get ready for new adventures in life and if looking for a deeper and personal meaning then dive inwards and search inside.

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