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Are you artistic, idealistic, and perhaps even a little psychic? It’s likely that you are a Soul Urge Number 11. Your Soul Urge Number is a number used in numerology, and it is derived from the vowels of your name. The Soul Urge Number expresses the deepest desires and inner workings of a person. It is what unconsciously motivates us day today, and is the real you underneath it all. In numerology, the five main numbers used to analyze your personality are your Day Number (the day you were born), your Expression Number, your Personality Number, your Life Path Number, and your Soul Number or Heart’s Desire Number. Soul Urge Number 11’s are the most sensitive and intuitive of the group.



Since 11 is a master number in numerology, it is not broken down to create the number 2. Eleven’s are the same as two’s, who are centered on friendship and partnership but on a more idealistic level. 11’s are on the same frequency as soul urge number 2’s, with these characteristics being more intense. Soul Urge Number 11’s are concerned about others and want to help, but more in the esoteric areas of human life, like the ministry or other spiritual pursuits. They are intuitive and idealistic and are very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of ever. They often have illuminating insights into situations and people.

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Soul Urge Number 11’s like things to be harmonious. They are more concerned with the happiness of mankind than they are about their own happiness. They have a high level of awareness which can cause anxiety and nervousness.

They have intuitive and sometimes extrasensory perceptions. Because of this, they can be vulnerable and they like to stay away from conflict. They are devoted people with clever minds, and they are very idealistic with a strong sense of right and wrong.

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If you are wondering whether you are a Soul Number 11, just write your name on a piece of paper. Under the vowels in your real name, write the corresponding numbers with A=1, E=5, 1=9, O=6, and U=3. Then add up these numbers. If you get a two-digit number, add those two digits together. You do this until you have a single digit. Numbers 11, 22, and 33 are different and are not reduced to their smaller numbers. This is because they are Master Numbers. Master Numbers are never reduced and are considered special in numerology. Master Numbers are a bit more powerful than the rest of the numbers, and that’s probably why Soul Number 11’s feel things so intensely.

Gain insight into your own personality, and figure it out for your family and friends too. Your Soul Number says a lot about you because it reveals the unvarnished base of your personality, where you are really coming from when you interact with the world. You will be amazed at how accurate it really is.

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