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In numerology, all numbers have an important meaning. You can use numbers related to your life to help guide you into your career, help you understand your personality, and can even use them to assist you in learning the strengths and weaknesses of your character. Every number in numerology has a positive and negative side to keep balance in the universe, so it’s important to know the values and attributes of both. Personal year numbers are numbers that tell you how you should lead a certain year so you get the maximum benefits in your life. Learn how to determine a personal year and if it is the number 7, what it can mean for you.



Your personal year number is determined by the current year you are in and your birthday and month. Take your birthday and month and add those numbers together. Reduce the final number until you get a number with a single digit. Do the same with the current year you are in, then add your 2 single-digit numbers together. Reduce them again until you get to a single-digit a final time, and you have your personal year number.

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Personal year 7 is dedicated to focusing on you. Since personal year 6 was all about home, family, and reaching out to others, you will find yourself quite relieved to be in a personal year 7 where all you have to worry about is yourself. This is a year for self-reflection, care, and learning.

If you are normally an outgoing person, this is the year to step back and hang out alone for a while. Read a new book or start taking college courses online. Seek counseling if you have had things bothering you for a while. Start exercising or eating healthier to feel better about yourself. Things that encourage you to reach for your own potential are going to be the most beneficial to you during this personal year number.

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Since the personal year, 7 is all about you discovering yourself, it’s important that you don’t dwell so deep into your own being that you lose the sense of others around you. Yes, it’s important to take time to understand yourself, but you should do this in balance. The best way to do this is to engage yourself in a weekly community activity or still make some time with friends so you don’t feel so alone you become depressed or introverted.

The personal year 7 may seem like a daunting number to encounter, but it’s actually a very positive thing. In being able to focus on yourself for once, you can become more confident in your skills and attributes and really learn who you are as an individual. The more you can learn about yourself, the more positive this year can be. Find the fine balance between your social life and giving yourself the attention you deserve, and you can make yourself a better individual this year.

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