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Numerology is the art of using numbers to help guide you through life. Numbers can be used to help determine your personality and certain strengths and weaknesses of your character. They can also be used to guide you through your year, once you know what your personal year is.

You have a different personal year number for every calendar year, and each number has a positive and negative side to it for balance. Here is a guide to determining how to decide your personal year, and if it’s a 3, what you can expect as your year progresses.

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You can calculate your personal year fairly easily. All you do is take your birth date and month and reduce the results of adding the numbers until you get a single digit. Take the year you are in, and reduce it into a single digit as well. Add your birth and current year numbers together, reducing them until you get a single digit. Your personal year number for the year in question is the digit you end up with.


Having a personal year 3 in numerology can be very prosperous for you. Personal year 3 is all about using your creativity to get ahead in life. Now is the time to use your feeling of adventure and enthusiasm to explore your surroundings. Start a new hobby, visit a museum, meet new people, start a new job! If this year is a personal year 3 for you, then the world is literally your oyster and ready to explore.

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This is a year where you may notice all your responsibilities and burdens getting suddenly lighter or easier to handle as well. With your newfound freedom and excitement for life in this year’s number, you are encouraged to be as adventurous and open-minded as you can.


Every number in numerology has a positive and negative side for balance in the universe. The same can be said for the very exciting number 3 in your personal year. You should know that having a personal year 3 may mean that you bite off more than you can chew in your excitement to be explorative and adventurous. This can leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable.

Stay on the great side of the personal year 3 by writing down all your ambitions on paper. Choose the ones that are of the highest priority, and then add new adventures or things to try as you complete others on your list. This can keep you from trying to do too many things at once.

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If your personal year is 3, then you are off to a great start. This year’s number in numerology is full of promise and many wonderful things. Just make sure to avoid taking on too much at one time, and you can have a fabulous year full of joy and excitement.

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