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Destiny number 11 (aka ‘expression number 11’) is interesting because it can be reduced to a two under certain conditions. This vibration is considered a master number. Throughout life, it will become clearer as to which category people fall. Generally speaking, an 11 is a more positive destiny number than a two, and there is some contention among people on when to change an 11 to a two.

Throughout life, 11s will walk a path of spiritual enlightenment, and they will inspire others. Elevens are the most intuitive of all the numbers, and will understand the unique aspects of all the relationships around them. Many will live in the limelight and raise spiritual awareness because they are so sensitive to others.

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People with destiny number 11 are artistic, aware, lucky, intellectual, powerful, enlightened, creative, sensitive, extreme, enthusiastic, intuitive, inspiring, and radical. Elevens have an incredibly strong intuition, which best benefits the world when they can lead others to their spiritual journey. People with this sign value refinement and they are normally honest and compassionate. They are confident individuals, and their ambitions can sometimes take precedence over maintaining important relationships.

People who are strong 11s may spend a lot of time pondering things instead of doing them. They can be dramatic or extreme, but they always have a unique perspective and can see the bigger picture. Elevens can also be somewhat high-strung and are attracted to physical beauty.

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Elevens rely heavily on faith rather than logic. They work well in large groups, and people often favor them because of their beauty and charisma. However, their strong intuitive nature can cause them to develop severe phobias.



Elevens can succeed in many positions at once; specifically when they can combine hobbies, activities, and work.

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A person with the destiny number 11 will excel in fields like ministry, teaching, photography, music, business, media, design, public relations, or as a spiritualist.


People with the destiny number 11 normally find partners that have similar interests and personalities. Elevens are attractive and passionate. They prefer a lover that can be gentle, and they will put all their energies and effort into understanding their mate’s needs.

It is easy for a person with this number to form lasting partnerships. Even if they marry young, they’ll likely be faithful for life. An 11 also loves to be pampered with luxurious, sensual gifts.


Sometimes a person who is predominately an expression number 11 will daydream, think or ponder rather than act. This can lead them down a path of laziness, which is an entirely different path than what they’re deemed to accomplish.

Because of their love of luxury, they can become materialistic. An 11 must learn to accept and give praise as recognition rather than lavished gifts. Their happiness is in no way linked to their possessions.

Elevens are particularly emotional and can bounce from one extreme to the other very quickly. Because of their somewhat addictive nature, the intense highs and lows can lead to substance abuse. Their goal must be to find balance or an outlet when their feelings reach a polar extreme.

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