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Every number in numerology has meaning, and many numbers have a personal connection to you. Your birthday and month can help determine your personality and allow you to recognize your character strengths and weaknesses. The current year you are in can also be personally attuned to you using numerology. Learn how to tell what your personal year number is and if you are a 9 this year, what it can mean for you.



Your personal year number changes every year. You determine this number by using your birthday and month and the current year you are in. Take your birth month and day and add the numbers together. Reduce the final number until you get a single digit. Do the same math with the current year you are in, then add the single digits together. Reduce this number until you get a single-digit again. This is your personal year number for the year.

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personal year 9

There are 2 sides to every number in numerology. There is a positive side and a negative side in order to keep the universe in balance. The great thing about the personal year 9 is that it is the time for a change, reflection, and preparation of new beginnings. Since your following personal year is going to start over at 1, now is the time to look back on the past year and see if there are things you need to change. Do you need to change your job, talk to your spouse about things that are bothering you, or reconsider moving to a new location? The personal year 9 gives you the insight you need to make changes for the better so you can live a more fruitful life.

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The personal year 9 is also all about continuing to do the great things that are going well for you. Reflection isn’t just about focusing on the things that need changing, it’s about congratulating yourself on a job well done for the past year. Make sure you do positive reflection throughout this year to keep you motivated.


Reflecting on the past year can make you feel overwhelmed or depressed, especially since your motivation to look back at your accomplishments will be strong. It’s easy to feel as if you haven’t accomplished anything or haven’t done enough with your life, which is what the negative side of this number is all about. That is why it’s very important to reflect mainly on the great things you’ve done throughout the year rather than the things you need to work on. This helps keeps this powerful number in balance.

When you are going through personal year 9, remember it’s the number that prepares you to start off your personal year 1 with a clean slate. Do what you can to improve upon this year and you will feel great about the things you have completed when the year is through.

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