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Every number in numerology stands for something. You can use numerology to help determine which careers you should try and to see how personal characteristics can be used in positive ways. Each number in numerology has both a negative and positive side. If you want to use numerology to see how you should encounter goals and challenges throughout the current year you are in, then learn what your personal number is. Here you can explore the personal year 5 and how you can see if this is your number for the year.



Determining your own personal year number is fairly simple. You take your birth month and year and add them together, reducing the number you get until you have a single digit. You then take the current year you are in and do the same with those numbers, adding them and then reducing the final number until you get a single digit. Add your 2 final numbers together, then reduce them again to a single digit to get your personal year number.

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If you are a personal year 5 this year, then you are in for an adventure. This is a year full of sensuality and exploration, which means you can explore your relationships on a deeper, more intimate level. If you are in a new relationship, now is the time to see how far it will go and take chances.

This is also the year to let loose after the strict rigidity of responsible personal year 4. Reward yourself with an exotic vacation or new hobby as you divulge in the free-spirited nature of this numerology year number. This is also a great year to write that book you’ve been putting on hold or publish a book of poetry.

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As with every number in numerology, the personal year 5 does have its negative side. The key to living your life to the fullest during this year of freedom is to exercise responsibility and caution. If you need to make a change, weigh the pros and cons first. If you want to start a new hobby, don’t forget about the other responsibilities you have in life. Yes, this is the year that you should jump in with both feet first, but you better test how deep the water is before you dive in. Otherwise, you could be left with lots of doubt and the feeling that you have to catch up on the things you’ve left behind while you were having fun.

As you enjoy your personal year 5, make sure to document the amazing things you are discovering. This year is a welcome vacation from personal year 4 and is designed to help keep your life full of fun and adventure. Don’t abuse the freedom this year number can give you, and you will find yourself on a daily adventure that will leave you amazed at the things you can accomplish.

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