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You can calculate your personal year number by adding the values of your birth together. By adding the month, day, and the current year together and then simplifying the figure, you’ll arrive at a single-digit number (in most circumstances). This number is considered your personal year number and it can offer tips, advice, and strategies to help you successfully complete your year.

If you’ve figured your numbers and arrived at the personal year number two, you can expect a year full of individual development, patience, and tolerance.

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After you’ve spent personal year one in an energetic transition phase, you’ll navigate into personal year two. Here is where you’ll find that waiting and development have as much significance as new beginnings and personal changes. You must stop being results-driven and slow down. The foundation you’ve laid during year one will take time to develop, and personal year two is that time. It is a phase where you must learn to accept the bigger picture.


It is significant to maintain patience and tolerance during this phase. If you feel burdened by progress, you’ll miss the important clues that take place during this time. Learn to relax and slow down. Stress can be expected during this phase because you must learn to balance your past and future. Illness can result if you refuse to take time to allow your body to regenerate and adjust.

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You must realize that you cannot rush life and progress. Patiently wait for development, notice the little things and spend time trying to understand others.


Any relationships, jobs, or activities you’re involved in should be cultivated. Taking any large leaps or making significant changes during this time goes against the flow and order and will cause problems. Expect delays.


Allow time to work on self-control, emotions, and your ability to be a team player. If you are a person who is used to spending time alone, get used to working with others. This will help you during times of depression, which are likely during personal year two.

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As mentioned above, this is an important time for teamwork. You will play a specific role in a group or partnership. Expect to learn from others, and that other will learn from you.

Being able to successfully communicate with others, regardless of varying outlooks, is a skill you must master during personal year two. Intense feelings are likely to be a result. Be diplomatic, but allow yourself to react. It is important to find a middle ground between aggressiveness and passivity.

Expect to develop intense feelings one way or the other. Shoot for positivity. Warm attitudes in regard to others will help you maintain inner peace and remain stress-free.


If you’re not in a relationship, marriage frequently happens during year two. Deep feelings for others spring up around this time during the nine-year cycle. If you are married, anticipate your feelings for your husband or wife to deepen or expand.

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