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A person can calculate their personal year number by adding the values of their birth month, day, and the current year together. After simplifying this number to a single digit (in most circumstances), you can uncover interesting and helpful tips to help you prepare and conquer your year.

If you’ve added your numbers together and arrived at the personal year number one, you can expect a time of new beginnings and surplus energy.

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Personal year numerology comes in nine-year cycles, so arriving at personal year one means you’re embarking on, not only a new year but also a whole new cycle of life. This year holds significant value because it paves the way and creates a pattern that will follow you for the next nine years. Using this year positively can mean creating a platform for years of progressive change.


In a general sense, you can think of personal year one the same way you might think of beginning a new year. It’s important to begin (and stick to) new, healthier choices and lifestyles. Leave the past where it belongs, and kick off new adventures during this time. Thanks to extra energy, it should be easier than ever to do so.

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Starting your cycle over provides the most appropriate opportunity to reevaluate each facet of your life. You should clarify your goals, ditch old habits and do some general work on yourself. This is how you’ll begin a nine-year cycle. Make sure you’ve put significant thought and action into your personal year one. If you are unwilling to evolve during this time, you will remain mostly unchanged until the next nine-year cycle.


Expect to work tirelessly. During personal year one, you’ll likely find a renewed vigor for life. This new vivacity will help you physically and mentally prepare to begin a fruitful new cycle. You’ll feel like you’re kicking off a new adventure, and this propensity is important to maintain throughout the year.

Pushing forward with revived intensity will come easily during this time. Use every ounce of this energy to pave a cycle of success.

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Even use your downtime progressively. By starting healthy new hobbies and habits, you’ll broaden your scope and thrust yourself into unknown territory. Allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and explore new areas of interest will open you up for new friends, work, and partners.


Create a journal. It’s a great way to keep a timeline of your personal year one development, regardless of whether you write in it every day or only when you’ve accomplished something noteworthy. By keeping track of your accomplishments, you’ll have a way to keep yourself on the task in a constructive way. Make sure you date each entry.

Take a few minutes every month to read it. This will help drive you forward, give you tangible proof of your growth and allow you to change your direction if you’d like.

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