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The day you were born is one of your core numbers. Based on the date of the month you were born, your birthday number tells your skills, gifts, and challenges. Knowing your numerology can help you along your life path.

Born on the date 29? Your numerology meaning states you are a profound thinker, who is highly intuitive and creative. A 29-day person like you is devoted and caring, but likely sensitive and possessing strong self-esteem doubts. Often complicated and misunderstood, you are easily influenced by your surroundings and desire attention from others.

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The number 29 breaks down to the master number 11 (2+9). This master number symbolizes the potential for higher intuition and spiritual insight. Other characteristics include increased sensitivity and high levels of empathy toward others.



Several strengths were derived from the master number, including intuition and empathy. Your high level of intuitiveness, which is your biggest gift, leads you to be creative and steers you to think in terms of pictures. Pulling ideas out of the sky is not a problem for you with your strong mind and acute insight. Because of your intuition, you are a great counselor and healer toward others. You have a strong love of family and home life. Mutli-tasking is never an issue for the 29-person who can do many things at once with no problem.

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You truly have a gift to inspire and are a visionary with strong wisdom. You crave social interaction and attention. Your compassion makes people drawn to you and your leadership even though you may not see it. Believe it – you can persuade others and can actually be rather powerful.


You are usually a late bloomer and need to surrender to the higher powers to define your life. Because of this, you may be frustrated with life at times. Develop faith to form your foundation and develop your character. With your high level of emotions, you can be hurt easily and get depressed. Jealousy can get the best of your emotions. Lack of confidence and self-esteem issues can also hold you back.


The overall definition of numerology is that life and the universe is an orderly system and numbers reflect our order in life. Physical science shows there is no randomness. Consider looking at the stars and planets to see the orderliness. DNA also presents orderliness and same as the gestation and birth of a child.

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Our names and dates of birth are connected to our deepest inner being which may be hard for the rational mind to understand, unlike numbers. However, the mind understands relationships, and the numbers in numerology show relationships.

Your birthdate defines your purpose in life. Knowing your numerology and the definition of your birthdate gives you the tools to live your life the way it was mean to be lived. Your numerology outlines your gifts and challenges helping to map your path. Use your biggest gift of intuition to your advantage.

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