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Jewish numerology is a relatively new form of divining, perhaps due to the Jewish adoption of the Arabic numeric table. Numerology is a means by which one can know what the future has in store for them as well as what to do to make sure they are successful in whichever endeavor they choose to pursue. In addition, numerology is vital in helping you know which address to live in, which business name to pick, and more. In this post, we’ll take a look at what each numeric value represents according to Jewish numerology.


If you have an abundance of 1’s in your life, you can be said to be creative as well as ambitious. You are more comfortable as a leader than a follower, and you are sincere and are loved for your honesty. You speak clearly and are a master communicator, and you are confident to the point of sometimes being domineering.

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If you see a lot of 2’s in your life, you are the consummate diplomat. You hate arguing and will do everything in your power to ensure that everyone is getting along. You love beautiful surroundings, and you crave creature comforts such as touch, warmth, and a lot of affection. You are also quite friendly and are always seeking peace and quiet.

If you are a 3, you are optimistic, charismatic, and friendly. You are a great host or hostess, and you love to make people comfortable in whichever situation. You make a good friend, and you are one who appreciates honesty as well as the importance of faithfulness and loyalty.

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4 in Jewish numerology represents practicality, realism, and stability. Individuals with lots of 4’s in their lives are more likely to be attracted to professions that promise security such as finance and administration.

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If you are a 5, you are a jack of all trades who is more likely to do many things at once. You are also very impulsive and instinctive, always wanting to do something different to keep life interesting.

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6 represents someone who is creative and family-oriented. You always put others first due to your natural aptitude to care for others.

7 is for loners and those that feel the need to be spiritual as well as away from the noise of the world. You are more likely to have a sharpened sixth sense compared to other people, and you are refined in your ways. You have a keen eye for artistic and beautiful things.

8 represents individuals with a strong need to live in a just society. You are a ball of energy, but you are also a bit reserved. You like to deal with facts, and you are loyal to the very end

9 is for individuals who are good at expressing themselves in a verbal manner, as well as those with a well of compassion and empathy. These individuals are kind and supportive, and they are selfless to a fault.


Jewish numerology isn’t so different from mainstream modern numerology. It can thus be an adjunct to helping you find out more about yourself and others.

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