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Chinese numerology harks back almost 4,000 years ago. On a regular day, one Wu of Hsia, a would-be emperor found a tortoise shell as he was walking across the plains of China, trying to find a solution to the flooding that happened almost every year once the long rains came. On this shell was a perfect square which had subsections that could fit numbers 1 to 9. He regarded this as a sign from God and vowed to study how it related to humanity. In one day as well as a few years of intense study, Chinese numerology was born.


Each number in this square, also known as the Lo Shu Grid represents a certain type of personality. Let’s take a look at these numbers.

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Number 1 in the Lo Shu grid belongs to individuals who may have a hard time communicating their deepest feelings verbally. It also belongs to people who may find it hard to see the point of view of other people.

Number 2 individuals are impatient and are always able to explain their mistakes to themselves and others. This number also has a yin or feminine energy, as well as a duality that exemplifies the true nature of the world and the universe.

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Number 3 in Chinese numerology is associated with childbirth as well as the continuation of a lineage. It also signifies metamorphosis and the evolutionary nature of life.

Number 4 is a symbol of stability, fairness, and reason. It also represents the concrete nature of the universe, and it represents the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac.

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Number 5 is symbolic of good luck, optimism, and a sense of fun and enthusiasm. The Chinese believe in doing things in repetitions of 5 in order to get the best results.

Number 6 in Chinese numerology is all about expansion as well as a long life. It symbolizes the eternal nature of things as well as the cyclical nature of things such as time, seasons, civilizations, and more.

Number 7, on the other hand, is all about perfection and completion. It represents things like seven days of the week, the celebration of various festivals on the 7th of any month, as well as the concept of everything having its own timing in the grand scheme of things.

Number 8 in Chinese numerology is about inclusion as well as the spiritual nature of all things in life. Seeing number 8 may also provide you with the idea that anything and everything is possible in the universe.

Number 9 symbolizes the Creator as well as the answer to all of life’s questions. It’s not uncommon to have the ninth room in a Chinese building block empty since they believe that the 9th of everything should be dedicated to the Creator.

Lastly, 0 symbolizes the limitlessness of the void that we have come to know as the universe. It also represents limitless possibilities and something that cannot be defined yet is already there.


Chinese numerology is used by the Chinese on an almost daily basis to help them get ahead in life and make the right decisions in relationships, business dealings, and the choice of a life partner.

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