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People with destiny number four (aka ‘expression number 4’) often work as the stabilizer. They are cerebral beings that worship order, organization, management, discipline, routine, and rules. Fours can easily take on difficult or unpleasant tasks because of their desire to share wisdom and knowledge. They are extroverts that work well alone and with others. Success is quantifiable by comprehension and wisdom earned. They have a huge appreciation for their home and they seek security.



People with destiny number four are organized, patient, dignified, dependable, honest, devoted, determined, loyal, and hardworking. They hold true to traditional values and appreciate order and having a system. This number is ruled by a cerebral power, and they thrive when they are putting new ideas in order. A four will work steadily toward any goal with a detailed plan. They are productive, hard workers and remain neutral in most situations. Their extroverted nature works in tandem with their strong moral compass. The combination allows this person to be easily relatable and harmonious.

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They consider creating a foundation for their duty. The base they construct is often built from patience and perseverance. They value security and work to protect themselves and others.

Because of their need for order, they lack the ability to adapt to new situations. They’ll frequently miss out on excellent prospects because they dislike change. They’re homebodies so they can become prone to laziness.

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Expression number 4 people are inclined to make money in a variety of ways, but they will also spend wastefully. They are often work-oriented because they always have a plan of attack. A four’s need for structure bodes well in managerial and HR positions. They are realists that value honesty.

They’re also highly intelligent and analytical. Careers in fields like engineering, production, computer science, mathematics, and astronomy are also an excellent fit for a four.

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A person that has destiny number four considers their home their sanctuary. Fours value a strong family support system, and they will maintain loyalty to their partner and family. Sharing the simple pleasures in life with a supportive family gives them great pleasure and balance.


There are several areas where a four must learn flexibility to reach their full potential. A four must learn to maintain balance when adjust to change. They often get so set in their ways that a slight deviation will cause them to detest their life. Fours need time to adjust to things methodically, but this can appear to others as uncompromising. They can become argumentative and aggressive if their patience is pushed.

Their active minds make them doubtful. When meeting new people or being thrust into unknown terrain, they will become suspicious and pull back into their shells. This factor will cause them to miss many fulfilling opportunities throughout life.

A four thrives on acknowledgment, but they don’t often get it. Their work will suffer immensely, often never getting finished. Without praise, a four will never find satisfaction in their work-life, and this leads them to change professions frequently.

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