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It’s no secret that numbers carry vibrations. Because of this, your home address and house number can play a large role in your life’s trajectory and how you relate with others as well as your environment. In this post, we’ll take a look at address numerology, how to calculate your right number as well as a short analysis of what the different numbers mean for your home.


In order to come up with your address numerology number, write down your location and then add up each number to come up with a sub number. Once you have a two or three-digit number, add these numbers up to come up with a singular number. This number can then be used to give you some insight into how your environment affects your mood, family, friends, and personality.

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If you came up with number 1, you are an independent spirit, and your home exemplifies this. Your home also is a haven of leadership, ambition, and drive as well as a keen business acumen that a lot of people desire to possess. In addition, your home can boost your determination and self-esteem as well as inspire others to go for what they want without caring too much about what other people think.

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If your address number was 2, you are more likely to live in a comfortable and cozy home, safe from the vagaries and disappointments of life. You are also more likely to be someone who is private and intimate, as well as someone who prefers having a close circle of friends instead of a whole herd of people around.

If your address number is 3, you are the type to have numerous social gatherings due to your cheery and optimistic nature. You are also one to be attracted to creative endeavors. The number 3 is also suited to people who want to start a family since it signals the beginning of unions.

A home address of 4 is one which offers stability and security to those that live in it, as well as those who are looking to delve into different types of financial investments such as bonds and stocks or securities.

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A 5 home address is party central. People attracted to this number are more likely to be found in the midst of numerous parties as well as surprises and adventures. Number 5 homes may be the loudest on the block so it may not be ideal for those that are looking for some peace and tranquility in their lives.

Number 6 homes are for those who are attracted to beauty, harmony, and creativity. It is ideal for families as well as young couples since it is a place that nurtures young love and family.

Number 7 homes are great for introverts who are avid writers and researchers as well as those who want to ponder the secrets of the universe in a peaceful environment.

Number 8 homes are great for people who consider themselves to be astute business people and master entrepreneurs.

Number 9 homes attract compassionate and loving people who use their intuition to get through life. By choosing your home address carefully, you’ll be able to align yourself with what the universe has in store for you, ensuring success at every stage of your life.

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