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12 Archangels

How many Archangels are there?

Archangels are the top rank angels according to the Holy Bible. They have a great place in the world of divine angels. Archangels are basically related to the Abrahamic religion. The responsibility, power and authority of archangels are different according to their work. They have different traits and perceptions. God made all of them with unique property and traits. That is why 12 archangels are superior to any other angels also called chief angels.

Archangels are the superior messenger of the universe as mentioned in the Bible. They have a direct link to almighty God and His blessings. An archangel is far powerful than other ordinary angels. An ordinary angel can exist at one place on a single time. On the other hand, An Archangel can exist in more than one place simultaneously.

The American famous author Doreen Virtue has illustrated about 12 archangels and their characteristics. He described that the date of birth of a person has a significant influence on the archangels.

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1. Aries : Archangel Ariel “The Lioness of God”

Ariel Archangel is the angel of nature, creation and environment. The nature of Ariel archangel is to heal, cure and recovery. Ariel is serene and silent. It takes care of all nature-related activity from water to the Earth.q

2. Taurus : Archangel Chamuel –  “He Who Sees God”

Archangel Chamuel is the angel of peace, happiness, blissfulness and harmony in life. Wherever this archangel goes, spread its harmonious flower and bless the world. If you are feeling nervous and sad then you should call upon the Archangel Chamuel.

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3. Gemini : Archangel Zadkiel –  “The Righteousness of God”

Forgiveness is the main characteristic of Archangel Zadkiel and is related to the symbol of Gemini. Whenever you feel that you are not getting good breaks in life because of past sin and wrongdoing, then remember Archangel Zadkiel. If you are ready to start new thinking in life with the blessing of God then it will definitely help you.

4. Cancer: Archangel Gabriel – “Strength of God”

Archangel Gabriel is related to the symbol of Cancer. It provides the strength and courage to go ahead in your life. If you are cornered by many obstacles and do not have enough courage and strength to prevent them, pray to Archangel Gabriel.

5. Leo : Archangel Raziel –  “The Secrets of God”

Archangel Raziel is related to the symbol of Leo and its role it to guide you the secret associated with your life. It surprises you with new opportunities and abundance in your life. You should pray Raziel if you want to get new opportunities in life.

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6. Virgo : Archangel Metatron –  “Lesser YHVH”

Archangel Metatron is related to the symbol of Virgo and also know as “Metraton’s Cube”. Archangel Metatron helps to remove low and negative energy from the body. It provides positive vibration to the soul so as to get a new level of ecstasy inside you.

7. Libra : Archangel Jophiel –  “Beauty of God”

Archangel Jophiel is related to the symbol of Libra and is referred to as “Feng shui angel”. This Archangel role is to give you beauty and purity inside your mind, thought, perception and belief. The wrong belief that you are carrying can be removed by Archangel Jophiel.

8. Scorpio : Archangel Jeremiel – “Mercy of God”

Archangel Jeremiel is related to the symbol of Scorpio and referred to as the Mercy of God. This Archangel helps you to give the mercy of God to you. It makes you learn a new moral lesson in life and give you the grace of the almighty God.

9. Sagittarius: Archangel Raguel – “Friend of God”

Archangel Raguel is related to the symbol of Sagittarius and referred to Friend of God. Raguel is the gesture of a healthy balance of everything in life. If in any situation in your life, you feel depressed and stuck then pray to Archangel Raguel, It will cure all of your pain. You need to show proper faith and trust upon God.

10. Capricorn : Archangel Azrael – “Whom God Helps

Archangel Azrael is related to the symbol of Capricorn and referred to “Death Angel”. It helps to surpass the sorrow of death. Because Whoever came into this planet will meet death one day that is why there should be no sorrow because of any death. Azrael gives the strength to overcome the deep sadness caused by any death of beloved.

11. Aquarius : Archangel Uriel –  “The Light of God”

This Archangel Uriel is the symbol of Aquarius and also referred to the “The Intellectual Angel”. The role of this angel is to provide intellect, wisdom, insight and good perception when it comes to taking an important decision. If you are in a fix among decisions then call the Archangel Uriel, It will help you. Because of the grace of God on this angel, you will get righteous intellect.

12. Pisces : Archangel Sandalphon – “Brother”

This Archangel Sandalphon is the symbol of Pisces and also referred to “Brother”. It is the personal messenger of God. Its role is to bring the message of the universe to God.

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